About our work

At KD Copy & Content our goal is to help our clients uncover their best stories and share them with their customers, employees, investors, and other audiences.

Our past clients include healthcare organizations, universities, creative agencies, small businesses and large corporations.

We’re long-form writing specialists with a track record of successful thought leadership pieces, special reports, white papers, case studies, feature articles, and content campaigns.

We’ve written in a variety of subject areas including food ingredients, education, healthcare and SaaS, but we love learning about new companies and industries.

Below are just a few of our most recent client projects. Many of our clients have their work be kept confidential. However, if you would like to see something more specific to your industry or project type, please get in touch. We’ll happily share more about our relevant past work with you.


Blog GhostWriting: Influence Health

Influence Health (formerly MedSeek) came to me for help with their blog content. Because of my healthcare and tech background, they hired me to write about their CMS platform for an audience of healthcare marketing professionals.


Content Writing: Placeable

A location marketing start-up, Placeable, came to me for help developing their branding guidelines and website copy. I continued to work with their team to produce foundational content, including case studies, blog articles and other lead generation pieces. As an added service, I also wrote landing page copy and emails and social media posts to distribute the content to their audience. (Note: Placeable has since been acquired by Ignite Technologies, but much of my foundational content still appears on their site as part of the Placeable product line.)


Blog Writing: IBM - IT Biz Advisor

I was recruited by content marketing agency, Skyword, to create foundational content for their client, IBM’s, new microsite IT Biz Advisor. I was a contributing writer for this site for two years, during which I wrote for a B2B audience about topics ranging from cloud computing to IT infrastructure.


Web Copywriting: Nebraska Medical Center

When University of Nebraska Medical Center was ready to revamp their massive website, they came to me because of my experience writing website and marketing copy for a number of hospitals and healthcare organizations. I wrote web pages for several of UNMC’s service lines, including bariatric surgery and the organ transplant program.