Are you ready to up your B2B content marketing game?


You’re ready to level up your B2B tech company's content marketing efforts with a higher caliber of writing.

Your goal. Finely written thought leadership pieces that are high quality and credible.

You need words that clearly communicate your vision and connect with your ideal customers.

But how do you find a professional writer you can trust with your business?

Someone who… 

  • Takes the time to understand you, your business and your clients.

  • Writes stellar copy that captures your voice and matches the quality of your service.

  • Delivers a stress-free content creation experience.

And most importantly, a writer who can move your B2B customer into action.

Partner with us for the easiest content writing process…EVER!

Quality content That Generates Leads

 Need help generating high quality leads? From ebooks to white papers, we specialize in writing high quality, lead-gen pieces that engage and inform.

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Website Copywriting

 If you're ready to take your business to the next level, you need website copy that does the selling for you. I offer 3-, 6-, and 9-page VIP copywriting packages designed to take your website from blah to amazing in no time!

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Case Studies That Build Credibility

Move leads down the sales funnel with case studies that build credibility and trust with your prospects. Connect us with your happy customers and we’ll turn their experiences into case studies that convert.

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Why work with KD Copy & Content?

  • If your product or service is complex, you need a writer who can quickly get up to speed without a lot of handholding.

  • You also want someone who understands marketing and can translate complicated subject matter into content your audience will respond to.

  • And finally, you want a writer who is professional, who doesn’t miss a deadline, and who will communicate with you throughout your project.

I was an honors journalism student in college. I worked hard and was self-motivated to always deliver my best work. That discipline has carried throughout my 20 year career as a marketing professional and writer.

My background is varied, which means I know how to get up to speed quickly on a client’s product and service offering. I’ve written for B2B and B2C in a variety of industries. I’ve chosen to focus on writing for B2B tech companies and healthcare organizations because I love the challenge of writing about complex subjects.

I thrive on research and translating complex subjects into relatable copy and content. Of course, I love coming up with a snappy headline and persuasive website copy. But, where I really shine is when I’m diving into research or interviewing subject matter experts.

That’s why my focus is writing thought leadership content and longer lead-gen pieces like feature articles, white papers, research reports and case studies. It’s not all I do, because I tend to partner with clients on a variety of writing projects over a longer time period - writing everything from email copy to blog posts.

I’ve developed a writing process that helps me easily partner with clients to plan and create effective content. My focus is on providing professional, high quality content that you can be proud to publish. If that’s the kind of writing partner your looking for, let’s book a call to discuss your upcoming project.

Katie Daggett is amazing. She does thorough research, her work is meticulously presented, and she’s able to work across multiple vertical markets with apparent ease.
— Michele Crockett, Penton Media
Katie is an excellent writer and wonderful person - I highly recommend her!
— Kathy Bronieki, President, Envoy, Inc.
Katie has a knack for digging right to the essence of what the client needs to say. She is intuitive in her creative approach, and usually hits a home run the first time.
— Ron Comeau, Ingram Design & Associates