The Right Words Have the Power to Transform Your Business.


When it comes to making your content more persuasive, sometimes the smallest tweak (like a simple word change in your headline or call to action) can make the biggest impact.

But how do you figure out where your copy needs tweaking? 

That’s the trick. Writing high quality website copy and marketing content takes practice. First, you need to learn the fundamentals. Then you try new things, and test them to discover what works.

And sometimes, what works changes over time.

Listen, I’ve been writing marketing copy for more than 15 years, and I’m still testing and trying new things to improve the copy and content I write for my clients. 

Sure, anyone can open up a Google doc and start typing, but do you really have time to dedicate to:

  • Learning the ins and outs of the most effective copywriting principles?

  • Understand what types of content lend credibility, and how to implement research and thought leader insights into an engaging piece of content that is also fun to read.

  • Figure out why a piece of content isn’t performing well and how to improve it?

Consider this. If a better headline or the right call to action can bring in even one new client this month, what would that mean for your business?

Now multiply that by dozens of copy tweaks throughout your website, or sales page, or opt-in. 

What would the impact of your investment be then?

Are you ready to up-level your business by working with a marketing writer who can:

  • Build authority and trust with carefully researched thought leadership content?

  • Clearly express the unique value your company offers to your target market?

  • Make small tweaks and use the right words to catapult your business forward so you can serve more people who NEED your services?

If your answer is yes...


Compelling Case Studies

This package is designed to help you create a Compelling Case Study that helps you build trust, gain credibility and convert prospects into customers.

Case studies are one of the most effective tools in moving prospective clients through your sales funnel. The key is to tell a compelling story that show (rather than tells ) how your solution has solved a problem just like the one they are struggling with.

Package Details:

  • Kickoff session where we discuss the story you want to tell and you provide necessary background and customer contact information

  • I interview your customer to gather all the juicy details I need to write a compelling case study.

  • Recording and PDF transcripts from the customer interview.

  • Your Compelling Case Study copy (delivered via Google Doc during a live presentation call.)

  • 1x Real-time Revision (Live call where you can request revisions to your copy and ask any follow-up questions)

To learn more about my Case Study packages, book a free 15-minute consultation below.

Website Copywriting

Does your business website need a refresh? To many business focus on their website’s design and forget about the copy. I’ll give you the persuasive copy you need to level up your website, start making more money and get more of your best clients. 

This package includes:

  • Kick-off call to identify your target audience, USP, key message points, CTAs and more.

  • On-time delivery of polished website copy (3-page, 5 page, and 10 page options) in a format that is clear and easy for you to review and for your web designer to implement.

  • Wrap-up call to ask questions, review and finalize copy. (Depending on time-frame and scale of your project, periodic check-in calls may also be scheduled along the way.)

To learn more about my Website Copywriting packages, book a free 15-minute call below.

Lead-Generating Content 

The Lead-Generating Content package is where we we work together to create high quality, credible content pieces that generate leads. We specialize in telling your unique business story through long-form content pieces, such as special reports, ebooks, white papers and feature articles. We can work together to create irresistible content on a monthly retainer or per project basis. 

This package includes:

  • Planning session (live video call where we talk through your content marketing needs)

  • Content outline (before writing a word, I'll submit an outline of your content project for approval)

  • On-time delivery of your written marketing content in a format that is clear and easy for your designer to implement.

  • Wrap-up call to ask questions, review and finalize your project. (Depending on time-frame and scale of your project, periodic check-in calls may also be scheduled along the way.)

  • Content promotion (landing page, emails, and social media copy to promote your content)

To learn more about my content writing services, book a free 15-minute consultation below.