Copywriting for SaaS


If you’re a SaaS company in search of a copywriter, you’re probably looking for copy that can help you:

  • Increase free-trial conversion rates
  • Increase demo requests
  • Increase product signups post-launch
  • Generate more, high-quality leads
  • Optimize your user onboarding experience
  • Boost customer retention

How I Can Help With Lead Generation

If you’ve getting quality traffic to your site and landing pages, but they’re not signing up for your email list, demos or free trials, good copy can make a difference. I write customer-focused (data-driven) copy can turn those website visitors into quality leads.

How I Can Help With User Onboarding

If website visitors are signing up to try your SaaS product, but those trial users aren’t turning into paid customers, data-driven copywriting can help improve your onboarding process. I write customer-focused onboarding emails that will remove the obstacles that prevent customers from unlocking the value your SaaS product has to offer.

How I Can Help Boost Customer Retention

Once you get paying customers, you want to keep them around. Customer-focused copywriting can help keep your customers loyal by:

  • Communicating your SaaS product’s value and improvements via email
  • Promoting information and educational resources like webinars, ebooks and live events via emails and landing pages.

If You’re a SaaS company with copy and/or Conversion problems, I Can Help

Contact me and tell me all about your project.