5 Simple Steps For Choosing Your Next EBook Topic

How to choose an ebook topic

So, you want to offer an Ebook to help market your business?

The first stumbling block that many companies face when they decide to tackle an Ebook project is, “What should I write about?”

Writing an Ebook isn’t an easy task, but choosing your topic doesn’t have to be difficult.

When I’m working with a client that is struggling in this area, I start them off by having them to consider:

1) “Who are you writing for?”

The answer shouldn’t be simply, “my clients” or “my prospects”.

In order for this question to be of value in selecting an eBook topic, you need to go deeper.

Ask yourself, “Who is your ideal client? What is their age, gender, and job title? What challenges do they face in their work or life? Why would they be coming to you for help?”

The reason I have my clients consider these questions is to help them get a clear picture of whom they are writing their eBook for.

I also ask them to consider what they would talk about if they were meeting their ideal client for a cup of coffee. What questions might this client have for you?

Once you answer those questions thoughtfully, you will have your topic.

2) Mine your sales team

Another approach in choosing an eBook topic is to interview your sales or customer service team. Ask them to give you a list of the 5 most common questions they get from prospective customers. Then create an eBook that provides the answer.

3) Go to the pros

Another way to find a great eBook topic is by looking to thought leaders within your company or industry.

What new ideas, products, services, or solutions are they most interested in talking about right now? What do they see as the biggest trends or topics being discussed in the industry?

These thought leaders might also be able to point you to new research that your audience would be interested in. These are all goldmines when it comes to finding your eBook topic.

If you don’t have access to thought leaders in your industry, don’t worry. Social media makes it possible to connect with those you admire.

Start building a relationship with industry thought leaders by making thoughtful comments on their posts and sharing their content. Pay attention to what they are discussing on social media and you may find a great topic for your next eBook.

4) Reuse content

Existing content is a great place to start digging for an eBook topic. If you have a blog, you already have a wealth of content to pull from.

Look for a theme that relates to a topic your ideal client might be interested in. Pull all related articles from your blog to build your eBook.

Be sure to go through older articles and update as needed. Repurposing blog content may be the easiest way to create an eBook, but you must spend time editing so that the articles flow together easily.

5) Ready, Set, Brainstorm!

Now that you have some resources to draw from, it’s time to sit down and brainstorm potential eBook topics.

Be sure to include all stakeholders in this process so that everyone’s on the same page. Nothing sucks more than finding your perfect topic and not getting buy-in from key decision makers.

If you end up with several potential topics at the end of your brainstorm session, great! Pick one to start with and put the rest on your calendar for future projects. It’ll make writing the next eBook that much easier.

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