Copywriting for Agencies

Start winning the big clients you’re losing to agencies who do offer top notch copywriting.

I write data-driven copy for client web pages, landing pages, and email campaigns at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

If you’re struggling with:

  • Clients delivering copy to you that you know won’t give them the results they are after – and the project you’re designing will suffer for it.
  • Clients delivering copy way past the deadline, which means you are designing blind – which never works out well.
  • Your dream client tells you they’ve chosen another agency that can handle both the design and the copy.

I can help by writing customer-focused (data-driven) copy for:

  • Core web pages (e.g. homepage, software tour, pricing page etc.)
  • Short landing pages (e.g. gated content downloads, webinar signups, free trial signups etc.)
  • Long-form sales pages (e.g. paid signups, upsells and cross-sells, conference signups, course signups etc.)
  • Email campaigns (e.g. lead nurturing, onboarding, long and short sales, retention, and referral)
  • Explainer video scripts

Got a client project that you’d like to bring me in on? Schedule your free consultation today to share your project details.