Case Studies: Influence your audience with stories that sell

Case studies provide what your prospective customers need most – third-party proof that your product or service can help solve the problem(s) they are facing. The key to creating effective case studies is to tell interesting, compelling stories that clearly demonstrate how companies “just like your prospects” used your product or service to achieve the outcomes they desire.

Your prospects will not be moved by a dry presentation of statistics or outcomes. But they will be moved by stories that reflect the problems they face and the outcomes they are hoping for.

In addition, a handful of case studies that sit on your site for months or years will not do the trick. Stories should be current and reflect each and every problem your product or service promises to solve for your customers.

My case study writing services can help you build your arsenal of customer success stories, so you can influence more prospects, shorten your sales cycles and boost revenue.

Step 1. Let me help you tell stories that engage prospects and drive sales.

When I write your case studies, I will:

  • Discovery phase (to learn about your company, products, services, marketing objectives and brand voice).
  • Interview your customers about the challenges they faced, why they partnered with you and the amazing results that they achieved.
  • Provide you with a transcript of the interview that you can use for future reference and content creation.
  • Write a case study that has an emotional appeal, reading more like a feature magazine article than a facts only sales sheet. This will help your prospects see themselves reflected in the story and start to believe that only your product or service can help solve the problem(s) they are struggling with.
  • Include your keywords in the copy to help improve your SEO.
  • Have the case study proofread by a professional editor.
  • Quote a flat fee that includes all interviews, writing, editing and proofreading. That way, you don’t need to worry about me going over in hours and over your budget.

Case Study Packages:

  • One-time Case Study $1,500 (includes everything listed above)
  • Case Study 3-pack $4,000 (save $500)
  • Case Study 6-Pack $8,250 (save $750)
  • Ongoing Case Study Service (12 month contract) – Update your case studies throughout the year (quarterly or monthly pricing options available, contact me for details).

Step 2. Promote and Repurpose Your Case Study to Engage More Leads

Once you create a case study, I can also help write all of the content you need to promote it, including:

  • Email copy that motivates the people on your list to read and share your new case studies
  • Landing page copy that encourages leads to download your case studies
  • Blog post versions of your customer success stories that educate early-stage leads
  • Social posts that encourage your communities to read your case studies
  • White papers, eBooks and SlideShare presentations or webinar scripts that highlight your customer success stories as part of your larger message.

These services save you a lot of time while allowing you to build an entire content experience around each case study. This helps you get the most bang from each case study, reach a wider audience and boost your marketing results.

Pricing: Because projects like eBooks or white papers can vary so widely in scope, I will provide you with a custom estimate once we have discussed the project in detail. Contact me via email or phone to discuss your promotional content needs.

Let’s Get Writing!

Are you ready to tell your amazing customer success stories and influence more prospects? Contact me at or 970.556.1294 to purchase a Compelling Case Study Package or request a custom quote.