About me

katieHi, I’m Katie Daggett…an agency-caliber B2B copywriter with 15+ years experience in marketing communications…also a coffee lover, bookworm and new Colorado resident.

I understand what goes into creating B2B content that educates and engages your customers and prospects. I started my first job as a marketing agency copywriter in 1995, writing feature length articles for a regional hospital. Since that time I’ve worked with clients big and small in a variety of industries – writing everything from direct mail pieces to television ad campaigns.  I’ve learned what it takes to write an effective headline or email subject line, how to engage readers emotionally so that they keep reading, and encourage them to take the next step with a strong call to action. Today, I specialize in writing seo website copy and online marketing content directly. I am passionate about helping healthcare and technology brands tell their stories online.

icon-pencil-alt I know how to translate highly technical subjects into engaging copy. Many of my clients are in the software and technology fields. I’ve interviewed C-suite executives and subject matter experts, and know how to gather the research I need to quickly get up to speed on highly technical subjects. Over the past 15 years, I’ve become well versed in turning technical information into engaging content – commentaries, infographics, case studies, webinars – that target customers will read and share.

icon-education I never stop learning. Even though I have my degree in Journalism/Public Relations and have many years of writing experience, I continue to pursue my education and training in copywriting and content marketing. In the past two years I’ve earned my SEO copywriting certification from SuccessWorks, my Content Marketing certification from Copyblogger, and have completed AWAI courses in Web Copywriting and B2B Copywriting, as well as a course in Case Study writing by Casey Hibbard, author of the book, “Stories that Sell”.

icon-coffeeI love my clients almost as much as I love a great cup of coffee. I work with clients that bring out the best in me and I in them.  I’ve never missed a deadline, and usually deliver my copy well ahead of time. (I think it’s just part of my personality … I despise broken promises and I hate being late.)

If you have a chance, perhaps we can connect by having a coffee together in person or via Skype (depending on where you are) and talking about what your needs are when it comes to B2B content marketing… what you wish you could do, or hope to do better. (I’d also love to hear about the latest book you’ve enjoyed.)

I look forward to meeting you…get in touch and let’s talk!